Who am I?

I work as a Scrum Master in small project.

I like working with people, learning from them and helping them to find a solutions.

I am interested in coaching and develop myself in that direction.

I believe that constant feedback and knowledge-sharing are crucial for self-development and I am supporting those initiatives as much as I can.

In my spare time I am learning Django and Android development.

My publications:

The art of giving feedback

The thing which inspired me to wrote this article is an idea of using GROW model as a way of coaching someone to gain broader point of view on a situation and provide their own feedback about own behaviour.

In my article I describe few simple principles for giving, appreciate and learning feedback, and three ways of giving it.

The simplest among them is The Sandwich Model.

More complicated principle is Z-FUKO-PZK, variation of FUKO.

And something on an expert level,  commonly used in coaching GROW Model.



more on FUKO:

more on GROW

Team Health Monitor.

That is an interesting tool which was introduced to at Virgin Disruptors conference in London 2016.

In short, it helps teams to define areas where improvement are necessary. You can also use Team Health Playbook which helps you with finding areas of improvement and inspires your team to come up with a solution!

In the same magazine main issue about C++17.

more about magazine at: www.programistamag.pl